Gurudev Industries is an Ahmedabad based distribution company that provides a complete range of wire and cable products and solutions. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding technical support as well as offering specialty solutions that meet their needs.

Gurudev Industries was founded in Ahmedabad, since April 2017 with a vision for innovation and development. Experiencing tremendous growth, we opened our doors to supply our products all over India to establish our nationwide presence.

Gurudev Industries has also extended its stock profile to not only cover standard cables but also more specialized items for all market sectors. By offering our clients more choices, we can identify the best solution for each project. At Gurudev Industries we regularly review market trends to ensure we have the right products for an ever-changing and diverse market. We carry extensive stocks of 3 Core Flat Cable for Submersible Pump &  Motors, PVC Insulated Multi Strand Copper Conductor House Wires, PVC Insulated & Sheathed Annealed Copper Conductor Multi Core Round Cable, PVC Insulated Solid / Stranded Copper Conductor Wires, PVC Insulated Aluminium Conductor 2 Core Service Wires, Jio Flex Wires & Cables, and a complete end-to- end data solution in either fiber-optics or copper.

Gurudev Industries has established a name for quality of product and service. We are key drivers in the market and through technological advancement and a network of nationwide partners, continually search for unique, innovative and progressive products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.